1. What is BookMyCourse?

BookMyCourse is an organization that helps students from around the world to get admission in professional colleges in India through a centralized online application and admission process. 

2. When I apply to a college, who is accepting or rejecting my application?

The acceptance and rejection of the application are done by the college administrative staff. The college has a dashboard where they can see the entire details you enter in the application form. 

3. Do I have to pay for the services of BookMyCourse?

No. The services for the students are completely free, except the application and admission registration fees prescribed by the partnered institutions.

4. How many colleges I can apply to?

You can apply to as many colleges as you wish for.

5. How much is the application fees?

The application fee differs from colleges to colleges and courses to courses. 

6. The application fee is refundable if I want to withdraw my application?

The application fee is refundable on certain conditions (see refund policies), however, if the college accepts your application for a particular course, it is non-refundable.  

7. How long it will take to know if my application is accepted or rejected?

Normally the admission confirmation is done instantly, however the same can be delayed due to immediate holidays, or unavailability of the seat. 

8. What are the admission registration fees?

This is the fee you pay to confirm your seat for a particular course in a particular college.

9. How much is the admission registration fees?

This varies from colleges to colleges and courses to courses. However, you can see the admission registration fees on the respective college's fee details area. 

10. How do I know my application is accepted or not?

Once the college scrutinizes and takes action on your application, you will get an instant email saying the status of the same. Also, you can log in to www.bookmycourse.co.in and check the application status on your dashboard.

11. How do I pay the admission fees?

The admission registration fee can be paid from your BokMyCourse account dashboard. 

12. What if I apply to a college where there are no seats?

The application will be kept pending to see if there will be any cancellations. If your application is still active and a cancellation comes, you will get the admission on a priority basis. And if you get admission in another college, you can initiate the cancellation of the application and refund which will be reflected in your account in 7 business days if the college has not accepted your application yet. There will be a minimal transaction handling charges. 

13. When will I be eligible for an application fee refund?

If the college rejects the application due to the unavailability of the vacant seats, your application fees will be refunded with minimal transaction handling charges

14. When am I not eligible for an application fee refund?

  1. If the admission is not happening because you change your mind when the college accepted your application, you will not be eligible for a refund. 
  2. If you fail to pay the admission registration fee before the seats are filled, your application fee will not be refunded. Check refund policies for more details.

15. Does accepting applications confirm my admission?

No. Accepting the application by an institution simply means, you are eligible to get an admission. To confirm the admission, you need to pay the admission registration fee prescribed by the college, which is given in the fee details area.  

16. Once I received the admission offer, how much time do I have to pay the admission registration fee to confirm my enrolment? 

We suggest you pay the admission registration fees immediately because the admissions are allocated on a first come first serve basis. However, you may get a window of 24 hours.

17. What are the things that may lead to the rejection of my application?

  • If you have given any false details 
  • If your credentials do not match the basic eligibility requirements prescribed by the particular institution
  • If the application is incomplete. 
  • If the supportive documents uploaded are insufficient then instructed. 
  • If the documents are not clear to read or understand. 

18. What if I don't get an admission after I pay the admission registration fee?

The chances of not getting an admission after you pay the admission fee are almost zero. However, we will suggest the best alternative option if you wish. Otherwise, we will refund the entire amount including the application fees. 

19. What if I want to change my college after I paid the admission registration fee?

It is completely the discretion of the institution to take action in this regard. But we suggest you make an educated decision before you take the action. 

20. When should I present my original document to the college where I have enrolled? 

The deadline to present the original documents will be given in the admission confirmation email, normally it is on the reporting date which you will have in your admission confirmation letter.

21. How do I pay the tuition fees?

The tuition fee is paid at the enrolled institution directly as the way they say. Normally it is DD (Demand Draft), however, the procedure to pay the tuition fee will be given in detail in our portal.

22. When do I pay the tuition fees?

The tuition fees have to be paid in full before the commencement of the class. 

23. Who sends me the admission confirmation letter?

The admission letter is sent by the institution directly. 

24. When do I join the college?

The deadline to join the college will be in the admission confirmation email. 

25. Why my application status is showing "Pending"?

The reason for the "Pending Application Status" is because the college you have applied to has not accepted the application yet. The reason could be the unavailability of the seat, and the authority may be expecting cancellations by the applied candidates. 

26. What if I want to discontinue the program after I enrolled?

We do not interfere in any of the academic or other interactions that happen between you and the college. We only facilitate the online enrolment. 

27. What is the difference between “Apply Now” & “Request Admission”?

The title “Apply Now” implies that the online process for the particular institution is active, and you can apply now. The title “Request Admission” indicates that the online application process is not yet active with this institution or it is under processing. If you wish to apply to that particular college, fill the form and put request. We will accelerate the process.

28. How do I know if the institute I choose to study has the required approval and accreditation?

Before we associate with a provider and enable the online admission process through our portal, we verify that the required permissions and approvals are acquired by the particular institution. However, we suggest you verify those details by yourself as well.

29. My application status is still pending, what should I do?

If you are looking to study in only this college, you may wait for any upcoming cancellation. Meanwhile, put application in a different college, because you don’t get admission here, you don’t want to lose your year.