About Us

Who are we?

Everything is going online, then why not your admission? That is the simple thinking that made us create this platform for you. You can use the website to take your professional college admission completely online. We have put all the effort to bring you the authentic information to make the best decision.

We function as a channel between you and the college. When an application is made, you are being reviewed accepted, or rejected by the college directly. We just provide a place for you to interact with multiple educational institutions at a time, and at the same time, the institutions can select the best students.

The process happens as in the real world, but only you don’t have to spend your precious time, money, and effort to get it done. Just sit at your home and do it. 

We have been into education consulting for more than a decade now. Our experience and expertise are the best tools that are going to help you. 

Why are we here?

We are very clear about our journey towards the future. We are here because we want to leverage suitable inventions and technologies in a more far better way so that they will substantially advance our lives. We are committed to using the technology in every possible meaning that will save our precious "Time".


The vision of BookMyCourse is to become the primary choice of any student who is looking for admission to any college or university anywhere. 


BookMyCourse is the first of its kind on the planet based on its operations as an online professional course admission aggregator. As a company, we aim to provide the students with the utmost convenience, complete transparency, reliable and adequate information, and a channel to apply to any course of their choice in any college in our fastest growing network of education service providers.