About Us

Our Mission

Our primary, secondary, and tertiary goals are to present you with dependable, latest, and accurate information to help you make the best-educated decision on one of the cardinal turning points in your life and career. As a result, we are a student-centered organization that is always updating, expanding, and exploring new avenues.

This is what comprises us.

We are acutely aware of the gravity of our responsibility since our mission is to find you the greatest viable alternative among an ocean of options that will determine your life and career. To ensure that you get the best fit, we've devised a step-by-step process that starts with counseling and ends with confirmation of your admission.

How We Work

We have diversified products that cover every aspect of the higher education demands.  Student Counselling - We know the transition can be an exciting time for not just you, but also your family. That is why your BookMyCourse counselor will go the extra mile and support both you and your family, as you begin your journey.

1. Career Counseling - Our systematic and scientific approach will help you unveil the hidden abilities that will erase all your confusion on how to take the next step and move forward faster.

2. Psychometric Assessment - Our AI-based systematic and Scientific Psychometric Test will help you uncover your hidden potential.

3. Course Selection - Assisting you in choosing the right programme for you based on your skills and market trends which will further lead to No Regrets  but & Pride 

4. Parent Counselling

1. We understand your suffering as a parent when it comes to your child's higher education. Our professional approach will help you comprehend your expectations and think more holistically.

2. Sessions to obtain a better understanding of current and future trends, eliminating any uncertainties and gaining confidence.

5. College Selection; · We have a very systematic and realistic strategy in place to ensure

that the college you choose is the best option available, considering multiple factors.

Know-How We Suggest the Institutions. [Link to How Our Institutional

Recommendation Process Works]

6. Institution Virtual Tour; Of course, having a fantastic campus is a big part of making learning fun and memorable. We offer thorough images and videos of each campus to assist you in understanding without having to visit each one.

7. Application Processing & Admission; We understand that sending an application to only one college is never enough, and filling out multiple applications is a tedious task. So, we introduce our single-point application system. You can apply to as many colleges as you want with only one profile. It is also free to apply. 

8. Scholarships; There are scholarships offered by the institution for students with excellent academics. It starts from 5,000 and up to 50,000 based on multiple criteria.

9.  Loan: We know how tiresome is to avail of an education loan. We have partnered with multiple providers where your education financing would be granted within 3 minutes of application.

Our highly trained professionals will hold your hand and assist you through each stage, ensuring that you do not make a mistake with one of the paramount decisions you will ever make.

BookMyCourse Inception

The BookMyCourse was founded in 2019 after we discovered three key barriers in the higher education sector that prevent students from choosing the ideal institution for them.

One, the information on the real cost to pursue a programme is not readily available, Second, the student needs to visit the institution to understand the real situation of the campus, Third, there is no centralized application and admission processing system.

These factors do not make a significant difference in the prima face, but many people have missed out on a better option. So, we came up with the idea BookMyCourse. 

4. How We Select Institutions;

We understand the importance and impact of an institution in a students academic and professional life. So, we have a full-proof strategic plan in selecting a college that we recommend to our students.

The main parameters we consider to associate with an institution are;

Safety - The first parameter we consider in selecting a college is the safety of the student because that is what is matters the most more than anything else. The colleges, hostels, and premises are to be well guarded and surveilled by CCTV.

Campus - The campus is the next thing we look at. We only select colleges with neat, green, and spacious campuses. All the colleges listed on our site have beautiful campuses.

Ranking - We select colleges that are ranked by top-ranking agencies in the country.

Academics & Placement - We take a closer look at the academics and placement records to select an institution.

Accreditations &  Affiliations - We verify the institute we recommend has all the necessary legal permissions to run it.

Reputation - We also associate with colleges that have a good reputation in the community.

Management - We certainly take it very seriously that the behaviour of the management with the students.

Cost - The institutes we recommend are the top options in the given cost considering the above criteria.

We physically visit, inspect and photograph every nook and corner of every institution that is

associated with us to make sure the information we provide is accurate, and you have a better


How to take your admission online? [How Online Admission Works?]

This is no different than any other online purchase. But only need more details for processing...

Create Profile; Fill out the application form with all relevant data and upload the required


Select Your Choice; Select your college and course based on your interest. Our team will help

you with any support.

Online Application Form; Apply by Clicking the Book My Seat button of the relevant college & course.

Application Acceptance ; Wait till the college accepts your application and further proceedings.

Usually, this happens quickly based on the priority.

Admission Confirmation; Pay the admission fees to confirm the admission once the application is accepted.

Voila... That's it. Your admission confirmation letter will be in your inbox shortly.

E. Finance


We offer discounts to all of our students who are taking admission online through our website. 

How the BookMyCourse Discounts Works?

It is very simple. Go to the colleges page to find out if the college is offering a discount or not. 

If yes, select the course and click  Book My Seat to apply. You can also see how much discount is offered for a course. 

Wait till your application is accepted and make payment to confirm your admission. 

Once you receive the admission confirmation letter in your BookMyCourse dashboard, you can see the discounted fees on it. 

Present the document at college when you pay the first-year fees to verify the student and discount. 

The number of discounted seats in every college is limited. There would be 5 – 10 seats in a

college that offers a discount.

The discounts are allotted based on a first come first serve basis. 

Education Loan under three minutes. 

Have you ever heard of getting an education loan approved under three minutes? That too online?

If yes, we know how hard it is to get an education loan. We are associated with multiple providers to support your education finance requirements. Some of them can approve your loan instantly. 

Contact us if you are looking for assistance with an education loan. 

Startup India Recognitions.

What is Startup India?
Startup India is the flagship programme of Govt of India to promote a unique startup ecosystem to boost the country's economy and the job market. To gain recognition from Startup India, an organization need to undergo multiple examinations and submit vital documentation. Only unique business ideas with the potential of mass job and wealth creation are considered to be recognized by DPIIT.